ODE (Open Data Explorer)

A tool for retrieving, selecting and evaluating open data quality


  • The volume of data created by Public Administrations is expected to grow exponentially
  • Currently, reuse is still too complicated because of the unavailability of proper and exhaustive metadata


  • It takes a long time on average to access to datasets that are eventually useless for research purposes
  • Search engines return the totality of results, without skimming regarding to size or content (eg. empty datasets)
  • Examining the selected datasets would be a time-consuming and frustrating activity if you discovered that data quality is very poor


ODE: Open Data Explorer is a smart search engine that allows you to

  • identify only the valuable datasets for analysis
  • have immediate information about the size of the file (highlighting through a warning if it is empty)
  • make a first qualitative assessment
  • promote the social dimension in order to share and identify quality datasets

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